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  • 12 Mar

    Sheila Scott - Calligrapher at Large

    Calligraphy or as it is often called, the art of fancy lettering, is a classic skill not oft employed in our hectic email-texting-tweeting life. Maybe that’s why we got such an overwhelming response to the gorgeous swirls and stretches on the envelopes of the New Years cards we sent you this year.

    Sheila’s lovely lettering guided our holiday greeting to Mary Ann at The Century.

    So who is behind the dramatic lettering? The one and only, friend and client, Sheila Scott straight from the United Kingdom. Lucky for us Sheila completed her cross-pond move to Venice, California and was settled just in time to set her master’s pen to our New Year’s task.

    Between checking on the horses in London, learning to navigate Venice by beach cruiser, shuttling her handsome boys around the country for schooling and pro-level snowboarding and squeezing in a moment for her charming colorist hubby we have absolutely no idea how she finds the time. But she does! And her behemoth bespoke business is the result. Just like us, mum’s the word as to the majority of her client list, but we can say that she’s worked with famed event manager Dora Loewenstein Associates, the Royal Academy of Arts and on the events pictured here. Sheila’s managed to take a very old art form and bend it to the modern needs of some very discerning individuals.

    Ormeley dinner at Lady Annabel Goldsmith’s house.

    Private dinner at The Dorchester.

    The Golden Anniversary of Prince Rupert and Princess JOsephine Loewestein in a private castle in Italy.

    So glad you enjoyed it!

    Heather & Learka, Teles Properties


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  • 26 Jun

    Put a wine cellar in your house

    A few clients have told us about these wine cellars so we thought we should look into it. We are still seeing a lot of wine storage rooms, some even big enough for tasting tables but a downward spiral seems to be the latest trend. These solid concrete wine cellars with a waterproof lining are built directly into the earth underneath your home. They seem very dramatic & efficient. The hatch door can be made to blend in or stand out. We vote for the later! Check them out: Spiral Cellars

    Photos from Spiral Cellars.

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