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  • 21 Nov

    Thanksgiving Turkey Pine Cone

    How To Make A Turkey Pine Cone

    You will need:
    ~ adult supervision
    ~ hand
    ~ construction paper or feathers
    ~ glue
    ~ scissors
    ~ pen or pencil
    ~ googly eyes
    ~ pipe cleaner
    ~ pine cone (if you live in southern California, and are pine cone deprived, you can always use a toilet paper roll!)

    If you don’t have feathers, start by making your own:
    ~ Trace hand on construction paper.
    ~ Cut out hand outline.

    Now assemble the turkey:

    1. Glue feathers or construction paper substitute to back of pine cone.
    2. Glue googly eyes to front of pine cone.
    3. Form pipe cleaner into gobble and glue to front of pine cone.
    4. Form pipe cleaner into feet and glue to bottom of pine cone.
    5. Place turkey pine cone in center of Thanksgiving spread.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season!

    Heather & Learka, Teles Properties


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