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  • 29 Jun

    Expert Insight: Pools

    We recently talked to Bob Culver, Pool Inspector extraordinaire, and asked him all about what he does…

    Photo from Culver Pools.

    H & L: How did you get into the pool business?
    BC: My brother had apool cleaning route that I started working on when I was 14 years old. He didn’t know anything about the mechanical part of the pool, he doesn’t know what a wrench is, so I was out there fixing stuff that was broken. When I graduated from high school I bought the business from him. I was only 17 years old so my parents had to co-sign the loan. I sold the company about a year later and went to work for a company that only did pool repairs. At 24 years old I went out on my own and have been doing it ever since.

    H & L: How often do pools need to be inspected.
    BC: Never if they are well maintained by competent & qualified pool servicers who are really paying attention to the pool.

    H & L: Don’t put yourself out of business!
    BC: Well, rephrase it, say, what type of pools need to be inspected? The answer is older pools. 1950s & 1960s pools will have safety issues because the standards weren’t the same then. And if a pool hasn’t been serviced correctly then it will need repairs.

    H & L: How do you find a good pool servicer/cleaner?
    BC: Word of mouth. You want someone who is licensed with insurance. For $500 a person can buy cleaning tools & call themselves a professional. They do a good job, gain the trust of the owner & then the owner starts having them doing repairs they’re not qualified to do. Don’t do that or then you’ll need an inspector.

    H & L: What’s the difference between Saltwater & Chlorine pools?
    BC: It’s the same thing. The vast majority of people think that they’re getting a chemical free pool with saltwater. They’re not. The saltwater generates the chlorine. The salt converts to chlorine & then back again to salt. With saltwater it generates a lower level of chlorine on a daily basis.

    H & L: What kind of pool do you have & what do you think is the perfect pool temperature?
    BC: Ha! I have a saltwater pool & I keep it in the mid-80s with solar heating. But, I like a warm pool. I don’t want to be refreshed or invigorated when I jump in. Some people do. The right pool temperature is whatever you want it to be. That’s the perfect temperature.

    H & L: how often do you use your pool?
    BC: Well I only go in it a couple of times a week, but I use it everyday because it’s an aesthetic issue. Think of infinity pools. People like to look at them. Pools are completely different than a generation ago. You don’t have to swim in it to enjoy it!

    Photo from Culver Pools.

    For more information, contact Bob Culver at 661-285-2251 | www.culverpools.com

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