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Map courtesy of LA Times.
Check out the LA Times Venice neighborhood profile.
Developer Abbot Kinney, dreaming of a renaissance resort and amusement park, transformed a deteriorating marshlandinto “Venice of America” complete with canals, gondolas, amusement piers, hotels and Venetian-styled structures. Kinney’s vision for Venice thrived for many years until its eventual decline in the middle of the 20th century when motorcycle gangs, vagrants and drug addicts took over Venice Beach. Things were so depressed that Orson Welles even used Venice’s Windward Avenue and its vicinity as the seedy part of Tijuana for his film Touch Of Evilin 1958. While the seedy factor remained, an artistic scene developed and laid the groundwork for the renaissance that started in the mid-1990s when not only were the canals cleaned up, but business development started along the boulevard bearing Venice’s founder’s name: Abbot Kinney. Offering the perfect balance of beach, chic restaurants and boutiques, and a pedestrian/bicycle culture, it is no wonder that despite a still-present seedy element, Venice’s price per square foot is amongst the highest in the city.

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