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Map courtesy of LA Times.
Check out the LA Times Santa Monica neighborhood profile.
Set atop beautiful cliffs along the Pacific Ocean is the famed city of Santa Monica. Not “only one a top tourist destinations” with attractions like the Santa Monica Pier, Third Street Promenade and the newly renovated Santa Monica Place, the city of Santa Monica is also known to be one of the most progressive cities in America. It was one of the first to institute a smoking ban and to prohibit single-use plastic bags. As its own incorporated city, Santa Monica has a very strong tradition of community involvement. People often stand on line for hours to testify at council meetings. While not a large city, there is quite a mix of housing and communities. Homes on the northern edge can range upwards of 10 million dollars while neighborhoods to the south along Pico Boulevard and close to downtown are multi-family dwellings with many rent-controlled units. This diversity brings some tension, i.e. why those City Council meetings can get so contentious, but it also brings a richness to the city that many residents couldn’t live without. Santa Monica is also quite attractive to families of all incomes as it boasts highly rated schools across the city, including its high school.

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