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Map courtesy of LA Times.
Check out the LA Times Studio City neighborhood profile.
What is about 7 square miles, has great sushi and could have been called Laurelwood? …If you guessed Studio City, California, you’d be right! Just over the hill from Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, in the San Fernando Valley is a neighborhood with a beautiful park, popular schools, fun shopping and great restaurants.

In the 1920s Canadian born director Mack Sennett, famous for his innovation of slapstick comedy in film – think car chases and custard pie fights – moved his studios from an area then known as Edendale (near today’s Echo Park) to a property off of Ventura Boulevard. At the time locals in the area around this new studio lobbied to call it Laurelwood but the Chamber of Commerce won out and christened it Studio City 1928, the same year the Mack Sennett Studios began shooting “The Keystone Cops”.

Studio City is part of Los Angeles County. It claims the valley’s first airstrip (Ventura & Fulton) and traffic signal (Ventura & Lankershim), a rich movie history filled with stars and notable productions, and an award-winning farmers market. With all it has to offer it’s no wonder it is a favorite among house hunters. They can choose from a range of properties – architectural view homes in the hills, sprawling yards and wide streets near ‘the Boulevard’ (the local moniker for Ventura Boulevard) and hip newly constructed lofts and condos.

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