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For those of you who don’t know, Runyon Canyon is a 160 acre park that stretches from the lower entrances on Fuller & Vista Avenues up to Mulholland Drive.

The property’s been managed by the City of Los AngelesParks & Recreation and offers free daily yoga classes, trails and a generous “off-leash” policy that Learka’s dog Foxie fully exploits.

Runyon has a rich history…among the fun highlights are that in 1867 the property was gifted by the government to a member of the US Army Camel Corp. No that isn’t a typo — we said c-a-m-e-l. If it hadn’t been sold to Carman Runyon in 1919 there might be camels up there giving all of those dogs a run for their money!

Carman Runyon – namesake of Carman Crest Drive and Runyon Canyon – sold the estate in 1930 to the famous tenor John McCormack who built a mansion on the property. The remains of the buildings and gardens can still be seen south of the Vista gates. McCormack sold it to A & P Grocery heir Huntington Hartford who commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to build a pool pavilion. Next came Jules Berman who tore down some of the remaining structures on the property to avoid paying extra taxes. The pool house remained until 1972 when a fire destroyed everything but the stone foundation.

Now you might be asking “What about Errol Flynn??” Many of us have told visiting relatives that Runyon is the old Errol Flynn estate. Turns out the actor was a long-term guest when he roamed the camel-free trails in the late 1950s.

Today the park is beloved by Angelenos who treasure this slice of nature in the middle of the city. And of course it wouldn’t be L.A. if Runyon wasn’t listed in many a visitor guide as great for star spotting.

[Highlight houses sold in Runyon Adjacent neighborhoods (7810 Hillside Ave)...If you want a place near this off-leash mecca give us a call]

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