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We like to call it “The ‘Bu.” As in – the other day we were on the PCH heading towards The ‘Bu and got to wondering where the name Malibu came from. Turns out the original settlers – Native Americans called the Chumash – named it “Humaliwo” or “the surf sounds loudly.” The “Hu” syllable isn’t stressed, so fast forward a few hundred years and you get “Malibu.”

Today, people are still drawn to that loud surf – and the beaches, bluffs and laid back attitude. There seems to be something for everyone. We have a client who bought a nice little place with an ocean view of Zuma Beach. She’s more into dolphin spotting than surfing but she could do either (and there is something fun in just knowing you have the option).

[feature Birdview Ave property: This one is all about the view and it seems to go on forever. When you are standing on the deck with the ocean breeze playing across your face it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else.

And it ins’t only about the beaches in Malibu. There are some amazing properties inland. There is a Thorton Abell home that we just love on Bonsall. 4 bedroom, 3 bath, over an acre, horse stables and our favorite: a climate controlled garage wiht extra high ceilings and win storage – perfect for tinkering on your favorite classic automobile. This home has beautiful lines and a wonderful combination of openness and intimate space. It’s listed for $4,695,000.

If you want to explore the City of Malibu, give us a call – for a full time residence or an additional real estate holding there is a lot to choose from in those coveted 27 miles.

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