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Map courtesy of LA Times.
Check out the LA Times Hancock Park neighborhood profile.

Hancock Park has become Angeleno vernacular for all of the residences within striking distance of the idyllic strip of shops and restaurants that make up Larchmont Village. But even some long time residents don’t realize the picturesque shopping district along Larchmont Boulevard isn’t technically in Hancock Park but that it actually runs through Windsor Square. The official boundaries of Hancock Park – Rossmore to Highland and Wilshire to Beverly – mark the neighborhood just to the east surrounding the Wilshire Country Club. It is easy to blur the exact boundaries when the entire area is rich with history and boasts beautiful houses, low fences, buried power lines (yes, buried power lines are boast-worthy!) and an abundance of mature trees – all in the middle of busy Los Angeles.

The homes in the area are predominantly from the 1920s and range from classic California bungalows to architecturally significant estates. But you don’t have to buy to enjoy the wonders of these neighborhoods – in the spring you can take The Windsor Square – Hancock Park Historical Society’s Annual garden tour and catch their annual homes tour in the fall, and all year long you can hit the Sunday Farmer’s Market.

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