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Map courtesy of LA Times.
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Although most people think of Hollywood as the home to the entertainment industry, Culver City certainly gives Hollywood proper a run for its money. Classic movies like Gone with the Wind and Citizen Kane were filmed in Culver City, and the area continues to be a hub for media and production companies. Current businesses residing in Culver City range from Sony Studios (which is in the old MGM studios built in the 1920s) andthe NFL to NPR West. In the 1990s, Culver City launched a successful revitalization program renovating its downtown. Today, Culver City is filled with interesting restaurants, eclectic stores and cutting-edge art galleries. With all the exciting things happening, Culver City has become a hot place to buy. Home lots are on the smaller side compared to some neighboring areas, but what the houses lack in size they often make up for in walkability and access to good schools. As Culver City maintains its own school system, many young families move to the area for its top rated elementary schools.

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