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Map courtesy of LA Times.
Check out the LA Times Hollywood Hills neighborhood profile.
The big white letters of the Hollywood Sign are recognizable around the world, but while it has fans far and wide, not everyone knows about the delightful neighborhood in Beachwood Canyon just down the hill. The neighborhood got its start in 1923 when and developers Woodruff and Shoults began offering residential housing in their new development – Hollywoodland. At the time H.J. Whitley had just used a similar sign with great success to advertise his Whitley Heights development to the west. It seemed only logical to spell out ‘hollywoodland’ along the hillside in fifty foot letters with 4000 light bulbs to draw buyers to their well sited storybook architectural homes.

Along the way the sign lost its last four letters and the neighborhood saw scores of changes both architectural and demographic. Today’s Hollywoodland is commonly known as Beachwood Canyon and has become one of the defining enclaves of the eastern Hollywood Hills. The main street into the neighborhood is Beachwood Canyon Boulevard north of Franklin. If you follow it up you will find the old Hollywoodland tract office which now houses a lucky few commercial enterprises.

This charming intersection has evolved into a village center with a market, cafe, benches, fountain and friendly neighbors. If a quaint village in the middle of a bustling city isn’t bucolic enough for you, continue up the canyon road to Sunset Ranch where they have ben stabling horses since 1929. You can take a sunset ride through the canyon under that old hillside real estate sign.

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