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  • 10 Nov

    Q & A with Zachariah

    Expert Insight:

    One of the things that sets Heather & Learka apart is their marketing – innovative ads, social media, and beautiful layouts are just a few hallmark features. We talked to Zachariah Kahn, Marketing Manager at theStudio at Teles Properties, to learn a little bit more about this exciting facet of the business…

    H&L: So, Zachariah, how did you get into marketing?
    ZK: When I was a DJ in college I used to design rave flyers. My dad is a graphic designer so I grew up around design and when he eventuallly transitioned into real estate he put me in charge of his marketing. The tools are all the same, although clearly the product is very different.
    How did you end up at Teles?
    A little bit of nepotism and a lot of relevant experience.
    And what do you like about working at Teles?
    The flexibility is great. The powers that be listen to new ideas. Some of the non-boutique agencies don’t have anything close to that kind of freedom and some companies just aren’t interested. They’ve been using their same standard ads week in, week out, ad nauseum. Zing!
    Where do you look for inspiration?
    Album cover art, design and typography websites and newsletters. The online community of designers is vast and can often be a really great resource for ideas about everything from logos to font choice. I also spend a lot of time in museums.
    What is one of the most challenging requests you’ve had from an agent?
    This. Okay, other than this interview, it is always a timeframe or deadline issue. Not too bad when you think about it.
    Any thoughts on the future of advertising?
    We are obviously moving away from print which I find disappointing. I love print! My best guess is that it is going in the direction of augmented reality. Think Minority Report with information popping up in front of buildings telling you what stores and restaurants are inside. The iPhone already does this with the Yelp app I believe – it’s called Monocle.
    And finally, what’s it like working with Heather & Learka?
    It is super fun. They have a great eye for design so it is really rewarding when they love things we do. Also they are always trying to do something different, not just an endless stream of standard property ads. It’s fun having clients who are willing to trust you and explore all sort of different ideas.

    Zachariah designed this mock album cover for a recent wedding (above) and was the brains behind this Teles campaign (below).


    Heather & Learka, Teles Properties


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