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Learka likes romantic comedies and tickets…

The “About Us” tab is where we are allowed to get personal  It’s for those of you who want to know more than where we went to college and how many awards we have.  So the first thing you should know is that Learka likes romantic comedies, skiing and tickets (if I’d said ‘and walks on the beach’ this would have automatically linked to a dating website but she does like those too).  She actually loves romantic comedies.  I think it’s because she is optimistic and romantic and cares about people and their happiness and because romantic comedies by definition have happy endings; Learka is definitely a happy ending kind of person.  And tickets, Learka likes tickets – advance tickets, last minute tickets, opera, Hollywood Bowl, baseball, Olympics, you name it.  Tickets are plans and tickets are adventures and Learka rarely says no to either.  One of my favorite Learka stories is that once she flew down to Nicaragua for a blind date canoeing down the Rio San Juan.  The date went well so she called to see if we would watch her dog for an extra few days and came back with a mention in a National Geographic Adventure article.  Totally Learka – tickets: plane, romance: blind date, comedy: you’ll have to ask her about that!

Working with Heather means that I get to laugh all day long. She’s one of the funniest people I know and we run with a pretty funny crowd (as in paid big bucks to write comedies funny). Her wit is spot on, probably because she is so darn smart (like high school valedictorian smart).  Two things you might not know about Heather is that she is an amazing aunt and that she secretly really likes dogs.  There is a little girl in North Carolina that calls her Auntie H.  She visits her all of the time, they video chat and they have alter egos that go on fun adventures.  And they both really like dogs. The little one is obvious about her affection for her furry friends but no one realizes Heather likes dogs because touching them makes her sneeze and sniffle.  She gives everything but the occasional poodle hybrid a pretty wide berth but I have it on good authority that she’s put on rubber kitchen gloves to play with my lonely pup when I was out of town.

And everyone likes to know how we met, how we became partners (that’s real estate partners not partner partners – we get that question too.)  The short answer is I sold Learka her house.  The longer answer is we met at Halloween party. Learka went as Proposition 69 and I was a sexy FEMA worker – all very nerds gone wild.  Later when Learka was looking for a house a mutual friend recommended the FEMA worker, I sold her a house she loved, I found out her family was in real estate and that she had a law degree and begged her to work with me, she played very hard to get but after about a year she took the exams, passed the test and the rest has been real estate magic.

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