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21 Jan

New Year's Resolutions be Darned…It's Time for dineLA!

dinelalogofinalIt’s somewhat of a cruel irony that dineLA comes right as our inner fortitude to keep to New Year’s diet resolutions to starts to wane. Right?

When faced with the opportunity to, say, go to Connie & Ted’s and for 45 dollars enjoy a feast of epic proportions including fried oysters, a lobster roll, fish & chips and ice cream. It makes sticking to your resolution guns a bit challenging.

But we come bearing good news! Whether you decide to remain true to your New Year’s plan or abandon it like a hot buttered potato you can still enjoy dineLA.

We are in LA after all and this year’s dineLA includes not only indulgent options, there are some delectable AND healthy ones including Cafe Gratitude (Larchmont or Venice), AKASHA, and Gracias Madre.

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So which ever road you choose, go out an enjoy this awesome dining extravaganza!

~H & L

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