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09 Nov

Know Your (Famous Architect) Neighbors

Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was the most voted for structure in the Vanity Fair Architecture survey. And it isn’t all just Disney Concert Hall and Spanish museum. Gehry lives and works in LA so there are local opportunities to see his work and if you’re in the market you could have a Gehry of your own.

Vanity Fair’s World Architecture Survey: the Complete Results 

We asked the world’s leading architects, critics, and deans of architecture schools two questions: what are the five most important buildings, bridges, or monuments constructed since 1980, and what is the greatest work of architecture thus far in the 21st century? Here are the answers from our 52 respondents, who are listed alphabetically.Click here to read the entire article.

The Dennis Hopper property is still on the market. Frank Gehry designed the condos on the compound.

Photos from the MLS. Seller represented by Coldwell Banker.

For more information about this property, contact Heather & Learka
Heather & Learka, Teles Properties


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