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20 Mar

Become a Landlord and Walk to Cantaloop

A lot of us have some angry memory of a leaking faucet/broken refrigerator/income-propfreezing shower/etc in a crap rental from our past. We shook our fist at the sky and swore if we were the landlord we’d keep everything from falling apart, we’d keep it nice and painted and actually care if the tenants were happy. Well here’s your chance to right the karmic wrongs of your rental past.

This pretty building has eight 1 bed, 1 bath units (just listed for $1.6mil). It is called ‘The Dorothy’ which must mean living there makes you want to be home. It is on El Cerrito right by the intersection of La Brea and Hollywood Boulevard. That’s a fun bonus – every Yogurttime you stop by to check on your building you can get Cantaloop. Would that make your yogurt fix tax deductible – hmmm… check with your accountant on that one.

For more information about this and other properties on the market, contact Heather & Learka. They are happy to help.

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Seller represented by: First Property Realty Corp.

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