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16 Mar

Chaos Continues: Car hauled off by the cops

Police Car, Beverly HillsWell the general chaotic nature of things continues – while we were sitting in the conference room this morning the cops pulled over a shiny Mercedes, then while we looked through the Brokers Open list, they summoned the impound tow truck and left the driver on the sidewalk with her fancy hand bag and a set of golf clubs she rescued from the trunk.

There are a lot of interesting properties on the list for tomorrow. We are particularly excited to see:

-A 1930’s Spanish mission style compound on San Lorenzo in Santa Monica Canyon.

-A unit in a Gregory Ain property in Silverlake.

-A house billed as “Gustav Stickley’s California House’ on N. Gardner up by Sunset.

-A mid century gated architectural on Green Valley in Laurel Canyon.

Stay tuned – we’ll let you know what’s good.”


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